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Southern Spotlight: Chin Up

Close up Cob SS

I’ve lost count of how many conversations I’ve had this week alone about the prospect of not making any money in 2015. I don’t know—maybe it’s the cold driving morale so low because the facts suggest otherwise. As I’m writing this, December delivery on the Chicago board of trade, corn is selling at $4.25, soybeans at $10.25. In the last 40 days or so, corn has rallied 60 cents a bushel and soybeans $1.25. These are good signs!

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ReachOut: Sharpening the Ax


I want to do a little equipment dreaming here today. A little “what I want for Christmas,” which really isn’t all that far off. It’s gorgeous out there today though, so if there are yet things to be done outside, by all means, stop reading this article right now and go do those first things first. Like getting your dry fertilizer put down. That light won’t last forever! I’ll be here when you get back…

Now, back to the dreaming.

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Southern Spotlight: For My Wheat People


Last week, I made a case for getting out in your fields and getting some work done now so as to cross some items off your springtime to-do list. Wheat growers, you might have read that article and felt pretty darn good about things.But you’re not off the hook quite so easy. It should come as no surprise to any grower anywhere in the world that there is always something to be done.

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