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Many North Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska farmers have just completed the 2014 Weed Harvest….or uh, excuse me Wheat Harvest. Mother Nature threw some wicked curve balls to the wheat crop and few were able to recover. But one theme stayed true for a base hit and perhaps even a homerun in 2014: if you survived the winter kill from drought this winter, or any of the freezes or late frosts this spring, a weed management program and a plant health fungicide treatment paid off handsomely.

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Southern Spotlight: Back to School


Just like graduation into the next grade is the big payoff to a school kid for all the hard work he or she put in that year, harvest is our big payoff for our own toil during a growing season. Also, just like we expect a kid to build next year on the information learned this year, so should we expect that of ourselves.

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ReachOut: When a Door Closes

Plot Event RO

This is my last article as an employee of United Farmers Cooperative.

But I’m not going anywhere.

Next week, I’ll be back in this very same spot. My ugly mug will still be up top here, and I’ll sound pretty much the same. My jokes will still be weak, and my stories as stupid and embarrassing as usual. I’ll still be terrible at golf. However, our logo will change, and with it, a few other changes will come our way as well. We’ve had a marvelous run at UFC, but as has been a theme of mine over the past few months, it is time to evolve.

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