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Southern Spotlight: Know Your Manure

Feedlot Cow SS

I used to work for a grower who also raised chickens. Year after year, he’d spread their manure over his fields, always in the same pattern. And year after year, he’d run out in exactly the same place. A full fifteen years after that man stopped raising chickens and spreading manure, you can still pick out that line where he always ran out, the corn looking good on the one side, and not so much on the other.

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ReachOut: Southern Rust

Corn RO

As of Friday last week it was confirmed that Southern Rust was found in Nebraska, albeit South and East of here, which demands our attention. In a typical year we have sprayed a good percentage of our fields with a fungicide and are well into the middle of our preventative control, so we would normally be covered from this disease. This year it is not so much the case, as we have not been spraying some of these acres either because of economics or that we just haven’t been that excited about getting out there and having it done.

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Southern Spotlight: The Value of VRT

July Tassels

If you’re currently part of a VRT program, odds are that you signed up when corn was selling for over $5 a bushel. With prices around the three and a half dollar mark today, you might be feeling the same pinch that we’re all feeling at this moment and thinking that the VRT program that seemed so worth it at $7 corn, well, isn’t quite as worth it at $3.50.

While cost is understandably important to you, thinking of that sort can be shortsighted.

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