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Southern Spotlight: The Other Side


Grain prices are still kind of in the bucket, aren’t they? I hear you. But in honor of Thanksgiving, let’s chase away the blues today and speak some truth: maybe things aren’t always so rosy, but there’s always something to be thankful for, no matter what.

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ReachOut: Aptitude

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My brother is a carpenter. And holy moly do his skills with a saw put mine to a bloody shame. Or a hammer. Or a tape measure. It’s not that I’m a total klutz—I like to think in fact that I can be a bit handy. But the difference between me, who likes to think that he’s a bit handy, and my brother, the professional, is nonetheless embarrassingly vast.

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Southern Spotlight: Chin Up

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I’ve lost count of how many conversations I’ve had this week alone about the prospect of not making any money in 2015. I don’t know—maybe it’s the cold driving morale so low because the facts suggest otherwise. As I’m writing this, December delivery on the Chicago board of trade, corn is selling at $4.25, soybeans at $10.25. In the last 40 days or so, corn has rallied 60 cents a bushel and soybeans $1.25. These are good signs!

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