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Southern Spotlight: Count to Ten


Those of you who know me know that I am not a patient person. So I can definitely understand some of your frustrations over the past week regarding your wheat crop. Believe me, I am feeling that same I-gotta-get-something-done craziness that spring brings on. But. We all—everyone—just need to calm down a minute. Count to ten like they taught you in school.

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ReachOut: The Perils of the 75° Day


Here’re the good things that heat brings: shorts, grilling, eating outside, fire pits, baseball, lightning bugs, camping. Here’re the bad things: weeds, soil that dries quickly, and N loss.

Normally I would wax poetically about N loss and the global imperative to improve our nutrient management. I’m not feeling quite as poetic this week…

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The Big and Small of Nutrient Management


While I spent part of last week in sunny Mexico, it wasn’t all fun and games.

So, okay—a lot of it was fun and games, but not all.

Truthfully, we did some serious business there too and covered some heavy topics. The keynote speaker addressed the topic of global food need and the potential for a global food shortage…

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