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ReachOut: Backstory

bean harvest RO

This is the thing with yield monitors. We’re all so tuned in to these monitors, but they provide only one part of the story. That part is the end, which is of course very important, but it is still just one piece of a very long story indeed. They show us the completion of the character that is our growing season, but they say nothing of the backstory.

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Southern Spotlight: Shiny Objects

Marestail SS

It’s been about a month since I wrote my fall burndown article, but today, we’re on the very cusp of actually doing it. And everybody’s got a program that’s better than your neighbor’s, right? This one offers a rebate, this one a finance option, this one a new coat for your wife, this one some other shiny object.

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ReachOut: N is for Nitrogen


Every once in a while, something keeps me up at night. My mind gets going and it says, “Hey pal, know what you haven’t thought about in a while? Monsters!” Or, not really monsters, but other things. Grown up fears, like nitrogen loss.

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