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Southern Spotlight: Five Hundred Dollars Per Hour


A scary story to start your day:

One night, after a particularly long and difficult day in the field, a grower decided to turn in for the night a bit early. Most of his planting was done, and he was bone tired. He ate dinner, showered, and hit the hay. It started to rain at 2 a.m., and it didn’t stop for two weeks.

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ReachOut: The More We Know, The More We Don’t Know At All


Technology today is advancing at such a quick pace that it often outstrips our capacity to understand it. This doesn’t mean that we’re dumb. It means that we are on the bleeding edge of technology, moving so quickly forward that even our five year olds are adopting it at a staggering rate.

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Southern Spotlight: Residue Management for Better Planting


We work in an industry where lots of important factors like the weather and market prices are totally outside of our control. We have to take our footholds when they’re presented, and that’s exactly what planting is for us. Whatever we say about climate and soil conditions when we plant, we ultimately have control over the timing and process. You say you want perfect seed to soil contact? Then go get it.

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