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Southern Spotlight: The Value of VRT

July Tassels

If you’re currently part of a VRT program, odds are that you signed up when corn was selling for over $5 a bushel. With prices around the three and a half dollar mark today, you might be feeling the same pinch that we’re all feeling at this moment and thinking that the VRT program that seemed so worth it at $7 corn, well, isn’t quite as worth it at $3.50.

While cost is understandably important to you, thinking of that sort can be shortsighted.

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ReachOut: Expectations


Life is all about setting the proper expectations; when I go for a jog I have no expectation that I am going to set any land speed records, but I do expect to make it to my target distance without dying first!! Or when I golf, I never expect to compete with the pros – I just hope to come home with as many golf balls as I left with. Friends, I want to consider the expectations you may have when it comes to spraying your soybeans with an insecticide in the next few weeks.

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Southern Spotlight: Using Cover Crops To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Cover Crop

With our wheat off, it’s time that we turn our attention to the next plant population to inhabit our fields, but I’m not talking about next season’s crop quite yet. I’m talking about cover crops, which provide a bridge from one growing season to the next and, when used strategically, can provide a bridge from where you are now to increased profit and sustainability.

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