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ReachOut: Tweet Tweet


Friends. As much as I’d like to say so, all this stuff that I write about doesn’t just spring fully formed from my noggin. I read. A lot. I listen. I do research-y things. And I go online. In fact, I Twitter.

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Southern Spotlight: I Love the Smell of 2-4D in the Morning


If you haven’t already, you very soon will be planting what we all hope will be a successful crop. Some of y’all though are already (already!) second-guessing your plans, particularly your plans to spray for weeds. I’ve talked with a lot of you lately, and many producers tell me they don’t know why they’re spraying or that they’re going to wait to spray because there just isn’t much out there in the fields right now.

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ReachOut: Preventing the Bad Seed


If you think you’ve heard it all before though, friends, think again. I do sympathize that April seems to send me into the same fit year after year—I imagine that I must get a bit annoying to listen to. But it’s PLANTING we’re talking about here, people. The very most important time of our year. And every year—every single stinkin’ year—brings us lessons to make the next one even better.

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